The Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine is one of the two Australian Medical Council accredited general practice colleges in Australia.
The College sets and upholds standards for best practice provision of rural and remote medical care.
RAPP Australia Pty Ltd is a leader among first aid, ambulance and medical equipment suppliers in Australia. RAPP Australia Pty Ltd has always ensured that any products designed, manufactured and distributed through its medical and fire divisions – NEANN and Firelogistics – provide equipment to emergency services workers, medical staff, fire fighters, police, paramedics and defense force that adheres to RAPP Australia’s Vision for Services. All products must be the best for:
  • Effectiveness
  • Reliability
  • Safety of Use
For almost 30 years, Taleb Medical has been at the forefront of bringing innovative products to the Australian market and is a fully Australian owned, ISO9001:2015 Third Party Accredited and Certified privately owned corporation.
With an expert base of respiratory care in ADF, Retrieval and Critical Care markets across the public and private spectrum, Taleb Medical continues to demonstrate a strong reputation synonymous with high quality product provision and training in the Australian Market.