As the event draws near, we understand you will be planning/finalising your presentation.

To enable you to be prepared we advise that each room will be equipped with the following:
  • Data projector
  • Screen
  • Microphone
  • Lectern
  • Laser pointer
  • Laptop
  • Wi-Fi access (throughout the conference venue)
If you require anything additional to the above, please email your request to and we will endeavor to meet your requests.

Preparing Your Presentation

  • Presentation slides should be in widescreen format (16:9).
  • You may use PPT or Prezi to prepare your presentation. A template PPT Slide will be made available shortly if you wish to use this, however there is no requirement for you to do so.
  • You will need to bring your presentation with you on a USB and load this in the speaker’s preparation room, located in BelleVue Lounge.
  • If you have audio and/or video in your presentation, please ensure you have the files saved separately as embedding the media does not always include them in the PowerPoint file.
  • This will allow the Technical Team to re-embed and/or change the format of the video onsite if needed.
  • If you are using custom fonts not found in the standard system fonts, please use the “Embed fonts in file” feature found in Save As/tools/save options. This will ensure that your fonts travel with the PowerPoint file when saved.
  • Please ensure contents of your presentation including photos, data, graphs etc. are generated by yourself, referenced or the appropriate owner has granted you permission to include their work for educational purposes.
  • You will be asked to sign a speaker release form allowing AMMA to make your presentation available on the AMMA conference website in PDF Format.

Presenters T&CS

All AMMA presenters, whether invited or accepted via the call for proposals, must be aware of and agree to the AMMA terms and conditions, including the speaker registration fee, and the privacy policy.
All presenters must register and pay for at least the day of the conference on which they are presenting. Presenters are entitled to register at the discounted early bird rate.
Presenters are responsible for ensuring that their presentation has the disclosure slide, and that the presentation has been cleared for public release. Please note that all presenters have to acknowledge that they have no conflicts of interest to disclose.

*Disclosure slide template will be available when the event comes near.
Presenters are asked to agree that:
  • AMMA may record any session
  • session recordings will be published online for on-demand access after the conference
  • a PDF of any presentation slides, handouts etc will be available alongside the recording
Presenters are responsible for obtaining appropriate copyright permissions for all presentation materials, including data, fonts, images etc. Citations and image credits must be included where appropriate.
An AMMA representative may take photos or record video while a session is in progress. The AMMA team may also take screen grabs of live streamed or pre-recorded sessions and poster presentations. Images and video footage will be used for conference-related communications, post-conference highlight packages, and the promotion of future conferences.